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IndustrySoftware as a Service
Duration12 weeks
ServicesBrand identityProduct design

The most important challenge that we faced was to create an easy-to-start system, that would be understandable for the beginning entrepreneurs without spending dozens of hours to set up a store.

Attic is a headless e-commerce back-office platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and manage it. One important thing about the Attic – it’s not a web store builder. It’s a headless store management system that allows users to connect as many stores or apps as they need.

The layouts of social media posts, stories, and ads are built on the magazine's conception and should use bold titles; photos in calm, neutral colours, and should have a serious tone of voice.

The target audience of the Attic is the small, beginning businesses, so we aimed to create a simple and easy-to-understand interface. The user can set up the store and manage orders, payments, and customers. A developer, on the other hand, can easily integrate the system with the frontend part of the store.

Mobile App

Attic mobile app allows users to check their business’ vital signs on the go and has the same functionality as the web app. The only difference is that it’s right in your pocket available at any time.


Industry recognitionBehance UI/UX Gallery
Vlad MiguliaMaria BrilkovaDima Miro

Headless e-commerce back-office platforms are increasingly popular among online retailers, thanks to their flexibility and ability to provide customized solutions.