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Duration9 weeks
ServicesBrand identityWebsite DesignArt DirectionAI Generation

The core of this design revolves around minimalism, airiness, and lightness, incorporating neat letterforms and cleanliness to create a serene experience.

Flourish™ offers a premium credit card with a unique health & wellness reward program. Earn points with each transaction that contributes to your physical or mental well-being.

The service offers a premium credit card that goes along with a rewards program that’s built around wellbeing. Having a partnership with MasterCard, Flourish provides customers with good quality cards from a well-known provider.


A Swiss-inspired typography is stripped down to its essence to refer to the idea of focusing on what's important, and has been spiced up with an innovative accent that brings character.

A pastel colour palette embodies the calmness of nature and gives a modern, innovative feel, resonating with Flourish's commitment to serene, forward-thinking wellness experiences.

The website mirrors Flourish's core values with visual consistency, offering a clean, airy, and modern interface. It exudes a premium vibe in every detail.


Industry recognitionBehance Stock Gallery
Dima MiroMaria BrilkovaYeva PetukhovaVioletta Martinova

Working on this project let us play with AI image generation in tech. It was new, fun, and really pushed our creative limits. We're stoked about what we've made here.