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Duration12 weeks
ServicesBrand IdentityWebsite design

The goal was to create a brand identity, design the website, outdoor advertising, and some social media materials for Eddy.

Eddy is an EdTech platform which makes online learning engrossing. Here students can find courses perfectly match their interests and preferences since Eddy offers a significantly large choice of different topics and courses.

We're convinced it's crucial to have completed brand style guide before going to Hi-fi stage. So that's why Eddy's style guide was born.

Eddy website is an innovative EdTech platform that seeks to revolutionize online learning by making it more engaging and interactive. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features such as video tutorials, quizzes, and gamification elements, Eddy provides students with a highly immersive learning experience.

Responsive design

With its responsive design, Eddy can adapt to any device, providing a seamless learning experience for students on desktop or mobile.

It’s not a big secret that social media is an essential part in every company’s life. And Eddy isn’t an exception.


Industry recognitionBehance UI/UX GalleryBehance Stock Gallery
Violetta MartinovaMaria BrilkovaDima MiroVlad Migulia

With the growing demand for digital education and the increasing availability of technology, edtech platforms are poised to continue their upward trend.