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Duration16 weeks
ServicesBrand Identity Website designWebsite development

Our task was to help Shapescape go through a comprehensive rebranding. The main idea we followed is making Shapescape looks playful yet professional.

Shapespape is a game development company that uses the game Minecraft as an engine to create educational and entertaining content for everybody. Shapescape has developed educational content in a vast range of fields (history, sustainability, chemistry, etc.) to make the learning process way engrossing.

Colors are the brand base since they're supposed to reflect the company's mood and values.

It is important to convey mood through the website as well. It is meant to be compelling, bright, and dynamic with different interactions that support client’s spectacular approach to learning.

It goes without saying, social media is an essential part of a company’s life. And we had the pleasure to design social media materials for Shapescape as well. We aimed to make them look attractive yet informative.


Industry recognitionBehance Stock Gallery
Vlad MiguliaMaria BrilkovaVioletta MartinovaYegor SavoshevichDima Miro

I really got the sense that they cared a lot about the project, but also outside of the tasks they were given.